Best Pediatric Neurologist in Vizag

Pediatric Neurologist in Vizag: Exceptional Care for Young Minds at LG Hospitals

Welcome to LG Hospitals, where excellence in neurology meets compassionate care, especially for our little ones. If you’re in search of the best pediatric neurologist in Vizag, our team of distinguished specialists is here to ensure optimal neurological health for your child.

1. Dr. Rajsekhar Kennedy (MBBS, MS, M.Ch) – Leading Pediatric Neurology Surgeon

Dr. Rajsekhar Kennedy, a prominent figure in pediatric neurology, brings a wealth of experience to LG Hospitals. With qualifications including MBBS, MS, and M.Ch, he is dedicated to providing comprehensive care for young minds. His expertise covers a spectrum of pediatric neurological conditions, ensuring the well-being of your child.

2. Dr. Babu Nagendra (MBBS, MS, M.Ch) – Specialized Pediatric Neurology Surgeon

Dr. Babu Nagendra, a seasoned pediatric neurology surgeon at LG Hospitals, is committed to the neurological health of children. Armed with qualifications in MBBS, MS, and M.Ch, he combines skill and empathy in addressing pediatric neurological challenges. Dr. Nagendra is renowned for his personalized approach to each child’s unique needs.

3. Dr. Ramesh Naidu (MBBS, MD, DNB) – Expertise in Pediatric Neurology

Dr. Ramesh Naidu, specializing in pediatric neurology at LG Hospitals, is a distinguished professional with qualifications in MBBS, MD, and DNB. His commitment to understanding and addressing neurological issues in children makes him a sought-after pediatric neurologist. Dr. Naidu’s approach prioritizes the specific requirements of pediatric patients.

Comprehensive Pediatric Neurological Care at LG Hospitals

At LG Hospitals, we recognize that pediatric neurological care demands a unique and sensitive approach. Our pediatric neurologists collaborate to provide the best solutions for various conditions affecting young minds, ensuring their healthy development.

Why Choose LG Hospitals for Pediatric Neurology?


    • Child-Centric Approach: Our pediatric neurologists understand the unique needs of children, ensuring a child-friendly and supportive environment.

    • Advanced Diagnostic Tools: LG Hospitals is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities to accurately assess and diagnose pediatric neurological conditions.

    • Holistic Care: We prioritize not only the physical well-being of children but also their emotional and psychological health, ensuring comprehensive care.

    • Parental Involvement: We actively involve parents in understanding and participating in their child’s neurological care journey.

Nurturing Young Minds, Ensuring Neurological Well-being

When it comes to the neurological health of your child, trust LG Hospitals and our team of expert pediatric neurologists. Dr. Rajsekhar Kennedy, Dr. Babu Nagendra, and Dr. Ramesh Naidu are here to provide the best pediatric neurological care in Vizag. Contact us today for compassionate and comprehensive services tailored for your child’s needs.

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